Welcome to the new site!

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If you’re reading this, you’re on my new site. I’ve imported all my old blog posts to this site but if things are buggy, let me know in comments and I’ll see about fixing it.


If you were subscribed on the old site, or if you’d just like to subscribe to this one, there’s a form and feedburner link to the right. I also have a newsletter signup available. Newsletters will be rare and will mainly be used to make important announcements rather than the smaller updates I do in my blog. When I have stuff for sale, I’ll likely be doing the occasional giveaway and discounts through the newsletter as well, so please sign up.


Right now, the new site will just be a blog like the last one. However, I’ll be expanding it and adding new features slowly as they are needed, and soon this will be a proper, professional site.


Hope you enjoy the new look!



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