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My current story is starting to turn out longer than I wanted, but I’m sure I’ll find ways of trimming it down when I’m ready to revise. I know of one whole scene that can probably go, as it’s very passive and all it does is frame some exposition. Still, I have some story left to tell before I get to that stage.

Meanwhile, Desperate Upload is on its fifth market now, counting Writers of the Future as the first. Analog rejected me after eleven days, which is actually rather miraculous. Looking at forum posts at the Writers of the Future forums, it seems they’d just caught up after a month of not sending any responses.

The next two markets I submitted to are known for fast response times, Lightspeed and Clarkesworld. Both responded with rejections after just a day.

Now I have submitted it to Daily SF. This I expect to take a little while longer, as they average about two weeks for responses.

That’s it for now!

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  1. Good luck with your story. Passive is ok in a first draft – just push it out in the revision. 🙂 And good work getting those submissions out. save yourself the heartache of analyzing it too closely – response times are really subjective.

    Happy Writing!

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