Update #2

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Sorry for the long gap in posting, but my shoulder’s been killing me lately and I haven’t been able to do much typing.

Despite the pain I managed to squeeze out the last draft of my story last week, and it was submitted to Writers of the Future eight days ago.

On that same day, I submitted Desperate Upload to Orson Scott Card’s Intergalactic Medicine Show. It’s a fitting market for the story as Ender’s Game was a key inspiration in making me combine children and microgravity in my mind, and making me wonder what life would be like for a child raised in such an environment.

I’m hoping the submission to IGMS went through, actually, as I never did receive a confirmation email, but I’ll wait the 90 days. This line of business is really going to teach me patience, I think. It’s quite a shock to have to wait so long for things these days when I’m so used to fast response times of the internet.

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