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Sorry, I’m a day late this week. Hopefully, this won’t happen too often.

This was another great week. Well, at least half the week was. I beat my daily writing records twice. First, on the 12th, I wrote 802 words. The next day, even better, I did 986. Unfortunately, except for a little bit the next day, that’s all I got done this week. My total was 1988 words.

I finished story I was working on, and sent it to Penumbra Magazine, just in time for the deadline on the 15th, for their space opera issue. If they turn it down, I should still get it back in plenty of time for another revision and sending it to Writers of the Future.

Also, this week, I made some progress on the book cover for my first e-book. It’s not ready yet, but when I finalize it I’ll post it here.

Now, I just need to get started on my next idea. I do have an novel that needs work, but I’m not quite ready to get started on that yet. It stumbled, the last time, because I didn’t have enough of a plan. It seems, while I am what they call a pantser (that is, I write without an outline, ‘by the seat of my pants’) with my short stories, for anything longer I need a plan.

See you next week.

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