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Pamp’y’teksa, Pampy for short, is a former Nar’shadaa street rat who has been found by the Jedi and has begun her training as a Padawan. This picture shows her in her quarters aboard the Star Destroyer Cavalier. Yeah, her pose doesn’t look quite right, but trying to get the lekku (designed by RadiantCG for V4.2) to work on Genesis was …

Franco Agosti

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A couple weeks back I did The Warrior, a new superhero from a PbP Mutants and Masterminds game. This is him when he hasn’t got his sword. Franco Agosti, teenage runaway heir to the Agosti crime family. Daz Studio 4.6 Pro, Reality Plugin to Luxrender render engine, with Photoshop CC and Perfect Effects 4 for postwork.

Cyber Night

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A cyberpunk city by night. Another RPG inspired image. I’m applying to join a Play-by-Post Shadowrun game, and reading my Shadowrun book got me in the mood for cyberpunk. Since I’ve always wanted to do a cityscape, and I wanted to test out Light Dome Pro – Revolution’s capability of lighting night-time scenes, this seemed a perfect fit. Daz Studio …

The Warrior – Entering Battle

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Rumour has it that whoever holds the Sword of Ares is transformed into The Warrior, a figure possessing much of Ares’ power. Until recently, the Warrior has been serving as a criminal enforcer and hit-man. However, freelance photographer Clark Parker captured this moment as The Warrior came to the defence of Freedom City citizens against a rampaging robot. I’ve just …

Station Defense

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My second entry for the 2013 Stonemason contest on the Daz forums. A pirate raid on a cargo station goes wrong as they discover a navy Destroyer there to defend it. Software: Daz Studio 4.5 Pro Photoshop Elements 10