Million Dollar Outlines

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Just finished David Farland‘s book ‘Million Dollar Outlines‘. I learned so much, I feel a little overwhelmed. I’ll likely have to go back and reread sections. (Some areas confuse me, for example at one point it seems he’s saying to start a story with a detailed setting, and then in the very next section said never to start with a setting. I know I must have misunderstood.)

While I don’t think I could go as all-out in an outline as described in the book, as I’m more of a discovery writer, or ‘pantser’, by nature, a hybrid approach may just be the ticket to improving my skill and the stories I tell. What I learned in this book about character and conflict development alone will, I think, vastly improve my writing.

I highly recommend this book to any writer looking to improve their storytelling.


Weekly Update

As I mentioned last week, for my next project I want to try an outline, and reading this book gave me a lot of ideas. Now, it’s just a matter of coming up with characters, conflicts, and individual arcs. In the future I hope to get to the point where I can work on planning one project while writing another, so I can keep up a more steady pace of writing new words. For now, though I once again didn’t hit my goal of 1000 words written this week, I’m making a lot of progress.

This time, when I sit down to write a novel, I may actually succeed.

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