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I know it’s been months since I’ve written anything. There’s a reason for that, but it’s not really good excuse. With the lower quality headset that came with Dragon NaturallySpeaking, I had serious problems adapting to using dictation to write. After nearly three decades of typing, getting used to the slow pace and errors that Dragon gave me frustrated me a lot. With my shoulders getting worse, I admit I kind of gave up. It wasn’t a conscious decision, just instinct to type when I could dictate, and not to type when I was in pain.

This month, I bought myself a quality USB headset, one that was recommended for use with Dragon NaturallySpeaking. It works fantastically, mostly only giving errors when I mumble or talk too quietly or fast. Still, when I could be using it in chats or role-play online, or writing out messageboard comments, I still found myself typing.

The other day, I found out about a device (called SmartNAV) that would let me control the mouse with my head. It uses the same technology, and is made by the same people, as the Track IR system used by flight simulation enthusiasts to transfer head motion into the game. This would help me so much, allowing me to do my art, to browse the web, and to play games again like I was once able to.

As I was thinking about this device (which I’m in the process of trying to get funding for), I realized it would be frustrating at first. I am so used to using a mouse in the traditional way, it’ll be like learning from scratch. It was then I realized that I was having the same problem with Dragon NaturallySpeaking. I could type 90 words per minute twenty years ago, I’ve been typing for most of my life. So, I realized, what I need is willpower.

If I can once again find the willpower that let me learn to type with no fingers in first place, the willpower that let me keep up with my classes despite being extremely prone to distraction, the willpower that let me never accept when other people told me I couldn’t do things, I’ll be able to do this. I haven’t touched that willpower in years now, having fallen too far into my comfort zone, but I’m hoping it’s still there.

I’m going to be focusing on getting used to using it, before I start working on my next story. Writing every day takes willpower too, but mainly my writing is better when I don’t think about the process of actually typing, or in this case, dictating. I won’t take long, however. I have about a month and a half to the next Writers of the Future deadline, I want something done by then.

Anyway, in other news, I didn’t get one sale in the attempt help Ben Wolverton. In fact, I haven’t had a sale in months. I think I still have a lot to learn as far as promotions go.

Oh, I know I said months ago that I was going to update this site. I still plan that. I just haven’t found a theme yet that I like. (Also, I may wait until I get the SmartNAV, so I don’t add stress to my shoulders.)

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