Desperate Upload in Print!

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Desperate Upload is now available in trade paperback format at Amazon. Feel free to check it out! I’m not entirely sure how to tell Amazon that it’s another format of the ebook already on the site, but hopefully the different editions will be linked before too long. Honourable Mention Another of my stories received an Honourable Mention from Writers of …

Million Dollar Outlines

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Just finished David Farland‘s book ‘Million Dollar Outlines‘. I learned so much, I feel a little overwhelmed. I’ll likely have to go back and reread sections. (Some areas confuse me, for example at one point it seems he’s saying to start a story with a detailed setting, and then in the very next section said never to start with a setting. …

Desperate Upload Reviewed

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Desperate Upload has received its first review on! I know, not the news I’m supposed to be’s posting about in the weekly update. I just had to share, however. As for my writing progress this week, I only hit a little under 250 words. I don’t have an exact count, as I was also deleting stuff as I edited …

Story Completed

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Sorry, I’m a day late this week. Hopefully, this won’t happen too often. This was another great week. Well, at least half the week was. I beat my daily writing records twice. First, on the 12th, I wrote 802 words. The next day, even better, I did 986. Unfortunately, except for a little bit the next day, that’s all I …


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Despite my best intentions, last year didn’t go so well for my writing goals. I completed two stories, and part of a novel, and that’s it. Due to my disability, typing became painful, and there was less and less inclined to type. Until now, that is meant that I’ve gotten little in the way of writing done for the last …

Writing Update

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Just a quick update, since it’s been a couple of months. I have a story that’s been held quite a long time at Space and Time Magazine, so I’m hopeful about that. So far, no luck with anything else. I’m not really ready to start self-publishing quite yet, I’m still working on my artistic skills that way, so I’m going …


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I got into 3D art initially to try to do book covers, that was it. Since then, I’ve become addicted. I’ve spent all my free money two months in a row on content for Daz Studio, and I have every intention of doing it the next few months as well. There’s also Vue, I want to start buying the software and the content to go with it as well. More than that, this 3D art has awakened in me something long sleeping.

Jon Whyte floating in a corridor.

Desperate Upload Cover Concept

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Desperate Upload was a story I received an Honourable Mention on at the Writers of the Future contest. Revised and edited since then, I soon plan to self-publish the story as an ebook. So, I need some cover art for it. This is a scene from early in the story, where a VR game being played by 12-year-old Jon Whyte …