Two months!

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Well, more like a month and a half. Sorry for the long delay in posting, but honestly nothing much has been going on. I’ve been writing, though not nearly as much as I should, and nothing’s been published. I’ve also been working on 3D art with Daz Studio. Initially it was a test to see if I’d be capable of making my own book covers, but I’m addicted now and I’m making stuff every day my shoulder’s up to it. Here’s a sample:

Goblin Barbarian


You can find more of my work, as I post it, at my Devianart page. I warn, I’m still an amateur.

In any case, I do have writing news today. I finished off my Q3 entry to Writers of the Future! I honestly thought I wasn’t going to get one done. Now, though, it’s submitted so it’s on to the next story!

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