I’m (self) Published!

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My first ebook is now available! This is an updated and revised version of the story that received an Honourable Mention a little over a year ago from Writers of the Future.

Desperate Upload Cover

A young boy is all that stands between a commando team from Mars and a deadly attack on Earth’s orbital station.

Jon Whyte is a kid born and raised on his family’s freighter Stardream as it carries cargo all over the solar system. On a yearly return to Earth Station, the Stardream is intercepted by a commando team of marines from Mars, who are ready to strike the first blow against Earth in a war of independence.

BONUS STORY: Four Minutes

A young single mother finds herself the target of the Men in Black.

This short story ebook is currently available at AmazonAmazon.caAmazon.co.ukKobo, and Smashwords. Sony, Nook, Apple, and print editions to come.

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