Desperate Upload up on Nook and iBookstore!

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Awesome news! Desperate Upload is now available on both Nook and Apple’s iBookstore. Unfortunately, I can’t link to the latter as I do not know how to access iTunes Store on the web. Just search for it, though, and you should be able to find it.

Million Dollar Outlines

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Just finished David Farland‘s book ‘Million Dollar Outlines‘. I learned so much, I feel a little overwhelmed. I’ll likely have to go back and reread sections. (Some areas confuse me, for example at one point it seems he’s saying to start a story with a detailed setting, and then in the very next section said never to start with a setting. …

Desperate Upload Reviewed

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Desperate Upload has received its first review on! I know, not the news I’m supposed to be’s posting about in the weekly update. I just had to share, however. As for my writing progress this week, I only hit a little under 250 words. I don’t have an exact count, as I was also deleting stuff as I edited …