I Sold a Story!

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I have officially been published by someone who is not myself! This will be a quick post today, just announcing that I have been published in Aurora Wolf. You can find my story here! Like this:Like Loading…


Star Wars Expanded Universe

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Today I’m going to talk about something to completely unrelated to my own writing. Well, I suppose not completely unrelated. The Star Wars novels were part of what got me interested in reading as a teenager, and interested in writing. The first author I ever met in person was Timothy Zahn, author of Heir to the Empire, which is also …


Welcome to the New Site!

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few months ago, I promised a redesigned site. Here it is! At least, stage one of the redesign. I still have a lot more I want to add to this site, but most of that has to wait for the time being. The biggest thing I still want to add is ecommerce. I want to be able to sell copies of …


I Still Believe…

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Around me, among those who, like me, have no children, I have seen a distinct lack of Christmas cheer. It seems most have forgotten what Christmas used to mean to them, thinking of it as a child’s holiday. However, I still wake up early on Christmas morning like I used to as a child. As an adult, I may not …



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I saw someone I very much respect say, the other day, that all humans are lazy. I, honestly, don’t think anybody is born lazy. Brain-chemistry issues like depression and ADHD aside, I think most people just keep trying to force themselves into doing work they don’t enjoy, and their minds resist. My dad was lucky enough to find work he …


Where Were You?

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When I was young, I would hear adults talking about how they would always remember where they were when certain things happened. For some, it might be the moon landing, for others it might be JFK’s assassination. I never really understood that concept, however, until 9/11. Oh, I had lived through some momentous or tragic events, like the Challenger disaster, …


I’m Back — For Now

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I know it’s been months since I’ve written anything. There’s a reason for that, but it’s not really good excuse. With the lower quality headset that came with Dragon NaturallySpeaking, I had serious problems adapting to using dictation to write. After nearly three decades of typing, getting used to the slow pace and errors that Dragon gave me frustrated me …

Indie Authors for Ben Wolverton

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For those that haven’t heard, author Dave Wolverton’s son Ben was severely injured in a longboarding accident a little over a month ago.  A number of indie-authors have decided to donate all sales from the month of May to help with his expenses. I haven’t yet gotten many sales at all, but I’ve decided to join in on this. I …


Desperate Upload in Print!

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Desperate Upload is now available in trade paperback format at Amazon. Feel free to check it out! I’m not entirely sure how to tell Amazon that it’s another format of the ebook already on the site, but hopefully the different editions will be linked before too long. Honourable Mention Another of my stories received an Honourable Mention from Writers of …


Desperate Upload up on Nook and iBookstore!

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Awesome news! Desperate Upload is now available on both Nook and Apple’s iBookstore. Unfortunately, I can’t link to the latter as I do not know how to access iTunes Store on the web. Just search for it, though, and you should be able to find it.